Our Company is dedicated to providing the very best in quality and service. We are a Phoenix based company that purchases from Vendors that are located only in the state of Arizona. We provide a great selection of Contemporary, Modern and Traditional furniture solutions for your home. We have hundreds of items available and always at the best price possible. We will furnish your needs!

We understand that you have many choices and options available to you online. There is no doubt that there are many deals out there. We just want to make ours a better one! What makes our deal a better deal? That is a great question!

It’s quite simple, and we have a great answer!

We are the only online company that will provide a full service purchase option for their customers. Not only will we give you a great price for the product, we will also provide you with the delivery of the product, and we will either assemble it for you at your home or prior to delivery at a minimal cost to you! We truly will Furnish Your Needs!

*This offer is only available to customers within the greater Phoenix area. Email us at parsfurnitureaz@gmail.com to confirm you are in the delivery radius.

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Tell your brand's story through video and images

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Tell your brand's story through video and images


With thousands of items from hundreds of vendors we couldn’t possibly upload all of those images for you online to view in a reasonable period of time. We decided to post what’s popular durable, practical and affordable to everyone!

If there is something special that you had in mind or you would really like to see more, give us a call or text us at 6028105261 or send us an email to parsfurnitureaz@gmail.com and we will be happy to assist you further.

All of our items are usually readily available. However, in the event that your purchase includes an item that may be temporarily out of stock, a sales associate will contact you promptly to discuss other suitable delivery and product options.

Once you have placed your order and completed the checkout, a quality, professional customer service agent will contact you almost immediately to arrange a delivery time suitable for you. Since we purchase from local vendors we can usually deliver to within 24 to 72 hours. We can sometimes even deliver on the same day!

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